Crazymates is a social community hosted in Germany and a small alternative to all of the large networks that are mainly based in the USA.

Please note, that we are not a big company with a big big budget, but we are just a very tiny group of people like youself and we pay all expenses out of our pocket. All we want is a happy community that treats each other decently and has fun with us. deals with the current hobbies of our users and, in addition to discussion options, product reviews and news, also offers pages and group functions that our users can use for their own promotion or, for example, to create tutorials and meet like-minded people.

We also have a small but steadily growing area for legal films (mostly only in German or English) and a place where you can pass the time with various online games.

The little income that we achieve goes 100% into maintaining and covering the costs of this site, there is hardly anything left over. Furthermore, products left to us from product reviews are given to those in need in a Christmas campaign - we will keep you up to date.

If you want to help or support us we are sure you will find a way, for example you can buy one of our premium options or write good content, tutorials, news, etc. You can also invite your friends to join us. So it's not always about getting money, you can help us in many ways. It's up to you - thank you for that!

I wish you a lot of fun here with us. Don't be shy and dare to leave your mark here with us.

Regards, your Andy (Crazymates initiator)