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We are the3Ahh! Nerds a growing group of hardchore Neverwinter fans. We love Neverwinter 1 and 2 and also the AddOns. Our plan is to make use of the fantastic GoDot Game Engine and to use the Neverwinter 2 game audio files as a base to make a modern 3D Mod of the whole game. If YOU are interested join our forum and follow us on this journey!

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It would be a great pleasure to have you in our guild, follow these steps to join us. Please be aware that we really hate egoists! We help each other and we invest in each other!


First option is to contact us via the guild search feature in Neverwinter and to drop a PM to one of our members.


You can also register to our forums here on our homepage and write a topic about Yourself and why You want to join us.


There is also the option to follow our link to our Discord Server (main menu) and You write us a chat message.


As a last option, you can ask King Neverember if he find some good words for you to introduce You to our guild.

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